Large item courier

Our transport oversized cargo across England, more than 80 cities, the list is here. We will deliver the shipment from door to door, pack and prepare accompanying documents. In our company, any parcel weighing over 50 kg and at least one side longer than 2 m. is classified as a heavy shipment.

Maximum dimensions and weights of oversized cargo for transportation by TrueCouriers

Internal Length: 4.1m
Internal Width: 1.7m
Internal Height: 1.75m
Max Payload: 1,200kg – 1,500kg
Fits up to 4 Standard UK Pallets

This cargo category includes:

  • Transportation of safes
  • Transportation of household appliances, refrigerators
  • Furniture transportation
  • Transportation of the piano
  • Transportation of building materials
  • Transportation of equipment; snowmobiles; ATVs; motorcycles; scooters

To calculate the cost of the service - fill quote form, indicate the points of destination and departure, sending details.

Call 079 9936 9269 to find out more about the cost and other conditions of large item delivery.

Best Large Item Courier

Moving to a new house and looking for some reliable courier service? Or want to send some furniture to your office? TrueCouriers is a solution to all your large item couriers. Whether you are moving out of the city or within, we are there for your help. Moving bulky items such as beds, sofas, chairs, tables, cupboards, chests, drawers, refrigerators, motorcycles, and other heavy items can be a little time-taking and costly.

People look for affordable and trusted large item delivery services. Heavy goods, furniture, and other home appliances are very fragile and need to be shipped carefully. At TrueCouriers, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting damaged or misplaced.

Our delivery boys and workers are very professional and experienced in their work. Your stuff is safe when it comes into our hands. Our target is to deliver your couriers safe and sound to their destinations.

If your courier weighs more than 50 kg or has a length of over 2 meters, we count it as a large or bulky item. Our process is very simple and convenient. We only want you to fill the quote form available on our website. Some information that we would want to know include:

  • What is the item?
  • Where do you want to get it picked from?
  • Where do you want the item to be delivered?
  • Weight of item
  • Length, width, and height of the item (This will also help us quote you a more accurate shipping price).

Large item delivery in UK

TrueCouriers has always helped in large item delivery. Our transport provider comes to your place fully equipped and hence, your item is carried in a safe and secure way. In case of a fragile item, our team uses good quality packing material (depending on the type of item) to make sure it reaches its destination without any damage.

Once you have decided a suitable time for pickup of your item with our service providers, make sure to take pictures of your item/ items. This will help you not only remember all the items you are handing over to us (if they are many) but, you can also check for any wear and tear after it is delivered.

Whether you are moving to a new house or shifting your workplace or you want to ship your motorcycle or scooter to another place, you don’t have to worry about the large item’s delivery anymore. TrueCouriers team has been serving all across the UK and is very concerned and passionate about the service it offers.

After your courier reaches its destination, do check for any damage. However, there is hardly a chance of any mishap. Unpack your item or ask our men to unpack it for you. Check it very carefully before signing. Our team’s target is to satisfy the customer till the end and leaved the customers satisfied.

We have kept our charges very low as compared to other courier services. Thus, everyone can contact us for large item-delivery services. You can even compare our estimated price to the price given to you by other courier services which can help you decide which one is affordable. Here, we would like to mention that charging low does not mean that we compromise on the quality of the services we provide.

Currently, we offer our large item delivery services in over 80 cities  in UK in the UK. We plan to expand our services all over the UK so that everyone could enjoy safe and affordable shipping of their bulky items.